Did you know that a potential buyer makes the decision to buy a property or not in seconds, depending on how they feel and what their subconscious tells them?

There are so many ways to enhance your surroundings and the principles of Feng Shui apply to them all.

of our clients have sold their properties by applying our Feng Shui Principles

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Case Study 1 - Villa Golf Pollensa

Whilst the villa was situated in a prime location, the existing real estate agencies were unable to sell the property.

After speaking with the owner, I advised that the property had a number of issues. The decoration of the house was heavy, bathrooms and kitchen were painted in very strong colours, and the windows had heavy curtains. Throughout the property, the energy flow was blocked.

The owner gave me exclusive rights for sale and the work to enhance the property and place it in the best possible light.

The main selling point was the location of the house and its beautiful open views. I had the entire house repainted in soft colours with a subtle focus on light grey. I also removed the curtains and paintings, redecorated with light, airy curtains and cushions and rented new paintings which matched the house and emphasised the grandeur of the high ceilings.

I achieved a natural and unforced flow of positive energy passing through the entrance door and circulating into and around every room. I also grounded the sofa and dining area with light carpets to give stability to the marble floor.
What the owner said:

Dear Susanne,

Congratulations to us both for my villa sale! I am very pleased with the final result and was very happy with the whole process, you made it so simple! You were always available and nothing was too much trouble. I felt very relaxed leaving it all in your hands, much more so than when I was having to deal with various agencies all at once. Thanks so much for your help replacing the large cracked window and organising the insurance payout, I didn’t have to do or pay anything!! Plus all the other repairs you took care of, you were amazing from start to finish. I would definitely recommend your exclusive service to anyone with a property to sell, especially if, like me, they are not living on the island.

Thanks again and best regards,

Case Study 2 - Apartment Sa Pobla 

This apartment, located on the top floor of a building over 25 years old, was partly run down and dated. The furnishings were dark and the sofas heavy, with many rooms filled with seemingly random collections of items.

The apartment had too many doors (for instance, two in the kitchen) which was confusing. The main selling points, its spaciousness and the stunning views, were hidden from sight or covered up. The property was not showcasing its space as a home during viewing and, as a consequence, the vendor lowered the price, but still with no success.

I advised the owner to repaint the entire apartment in a very slight off-white/light grey shade, and to declutter items from each room.

New cushions and covers achieved an atmosphere of contentment, and the soft appearances evoked a subconscious suggestion of springtime, sunshine and new beginnings. A fresher and more gentle flow of energy gave the welcoming feel of a new, happy property, just waiting for its next owner to take possession.

We increased the price when finished and the property was sold within two weeks of completion.
What the owner said:

My experience as the owner of an apartment for sale has been unbeatable.

Firstly, the property had been for sale for a long time and no visit, until one day Susanne suggested that I make some changes based on the principles of Feng Shui of which she is a consultant with a degree and studies in Germany.

Susanne analyzed my apartment starting from the entrance, going through each room, terraces and laundry. She has provided me with a list of essential changes.

After making the changes Susanne suggested, the apartment looked cleaner, more comforting and balanced, a positive appearance from the entrance, a complete success.

In addition, Susanne suggested raising the price (I had lowered my price due to the null response that the property generated). So I did.

I had the first visit one week after the property with new photos was published and advertised at Kensington Finest Properties International in Pollensa and a month later we were in the notary signing the purchase sale.

Thanks to the entire team of the agency for the good work when it comes to selling my property and the advice received by Susanne!

I fully recommend Susanne as a real estate and Feng Shui consultant if you want to sell a property. With her detailed work and advice on how to optimize your property to the maximum not just as the real estate agent, also in her role as Feng Shui consultant, will positively influence the sale process.

Mª José Sánchez

Case Study 3 - Office Conversion 

This room had no clear purpose – sometimes a guest room, partly an office and partly laundry and storeroom. It’s clear, especially during these challenging times of lockdown, that a room needs an aim and that each of its interior spaces needs a clearly defined goal and organising principle. Once it was agreed that its primary purpose should be as an office space, the main purpose of this room could be fulfilled.

The desk should be facing the room with the back protection of a wall (or a solid cover in case there is no wall). The desk position serves as the “control centre”.

The guest bed can stay in the room but in a different position as the main purpose of the room is not to accommodate a guest who may only stay once or twice a year; it should instead primarily function as a home office.

Furnishings have been changed accordingly and the room freshly decorated.

The new office area is located in the Bagua area (Feng Shui energy map) to the north-east, which stands for knowledge (gathering information which leads to the next steps of the circle of success). The owner will have to choose a significant painting or poster to enhance the circle of success for this specific room, to be placed opposite the wall of the desk.

The new energy of this area is related to concentration and clear vision. Just what we need in an office…